Colon cleansing weight loss diet

Colon cleansing weight loss diet

Despite the difference of opinions between medical practitioners and colon cleansing fans, there is no denying that colon cleansing and detoxification are the a new and popular approach to weight loss across the globe. This is largly because scientists and weight loss experts have proven that there are many natural benefits of colon cleansing weight loss diet such as vitality, better digestion, and absorption of nutrients and healther skin.

With colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy meaning a trip to a specialist medical center, the new colon cleansing weight loss diet are becoming ever more popular because it only involves consuming dietary fiber supplements to get the same results. We all know that eating a healthy, balanced diet is expected help strengthen your immune system, slow down the aging process and improve overall health.

colon cleansing weight loss diet

colon cleansing weight loss diet

colon cleansing weight loss diet – What the experts say

Perhaps the experts are correct when they say that colonic irrigation weight loss works, but the simple fact remains that a healthy diet is good for the body and also the colon too. Colon cleansing demands a strong determination on your part and it begins with giving up unhealthy fast foods as well as processed foods that are extremely high in sodium, fats, sugars and chemicals. Reducing your intake of caffeine, smoking and alcohol is essential. A colon cleansing weight loss diet that is based on natural food instead of supplements and pills is the right way to do this. The effects are not as fast as diet pills or weight loss products, but your fat loss will certainly happen naturally. The damage an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet throughout life does to the body cannot simply be reversed at the drop of a hat.

colon cleansing weight loss diet – Ali’s tips

A colon cleansing weight loss diet basically consists of eating plenty of fibre rich fresh fruits and vegetables. The idea is that you are giving your body a massive boost of ONLY fresh healthy and nutritious foods that will cleanse your system. Also, you should drink lots of water to flush all the toxins and poisons from your system. The absorption effect on the consumed nutrients can be increased efficiently by juicing the fruits and vegetables for better nutritional benefits. You can start with juiced fresh fruits in the morning or when starting with cleansing. Eating raw vegetables are the best when it comes to colon cleansing. For lunch, a serving of raw vegetable and for dinner steamed or cooked veggies make ideal meals.

Despite the diet, you must ensure that carbohydrates, proteins, a little fat and lots of vitamins and minerals present in your diet plan. This means the inclusion of beans, leafy veg/salad, grains, roots, vegetables and multi-colored fruits. It is not unusual for you to feel a bit pooped out (no pun intended!) and grumpy during the cleanse period. This is natural and is just your body going through a kind of withdrawal syndrome because it was a bit addicted to all the high sugar calorie rich foods that you were consuming previously. My advice would be to look at it as a tell tale sign that the diet is working and just have lots of pamper time. A hot, relaxing bath and a good book will do wonders for your stress levels and also make the cleanse more effective in return. Another great piece of advice is… buy a blender, then you can easily make juices, smoothies and soups.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to do a colon-cleansing diet this coming June, as one of my friend’s daughters is going to have her 18th birthday debut. I would like to slim down a bit but still do it the healthy and natural way. I have bookmarked this post for future reference. Thanks for the tips!

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